Engine Control Units

A range of various materials and manufacturing techniques are used to produce components for Engine Control Units (ECU’s).

Clamason produces ECU covers and housing in a range of steels and aluminium in thicknesses ranging from 0.8mm to 1.5mm. Generally components are produced on pregression tooling although in some cases are produced on one of the Clamason transfer press lines. Additional features such as coining can be added to minimise cutting burr on certain areas of the component.

Cleaning requirements are often critical on these types of components which Clamason can achieve on their ranges of technical cleaning machines. Click here to see more detail on technical cleaning

Clamason’s design expertise and production options help when customers have extremely precise tolerances for component flatness and cleanliness.

We can also assist with any ESD packaging requirements, which is requested by many of our customers.

A range of various materials and manufacturing techniques
ECU covers and housings in a range of steels & non-ferrous metals
Produced with progression tooling or innovative transfer press lines
Can accommodate extremely precise tolerances
Assistance with ESD packaging requirements